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Amouzesh Omeed – USA – Non-governmental, non-profit corporation organized under the laws of the State of Massachusetts, USA. One of Omeed's major goals is to help improve access to education by needy children and to improve the quality of education received by children in deprived areas. It expects to achieve its objectives by building schools that cater to the need of the poor and disabled children. The focus of the organization is on children in Iran.

Association for Defending Children Rights – Iran – Non-governmental, non-profit organization that provides support for and organizes programs and events for children in Iranian Kurdistan.

Center for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (Kanoon Parvaresh Fekri-e Koodakan va Nojavanan) – Iran – Government affiliated organization that promotes the development of children and young adults with programmes and events at a network of centers around Iran, as well through the publication of books and the production of films.

Child Foundation – USA – Non-governmental, non-profit organization with the simple objective of helping children stay in school. This is achieved by providing food, shelter, clothing, educational materials, medical help, and other services to talented, needy children. The focus of the organization is on children in Iran.

Children First (International Campaign for Children’s Rights) – UK – Non-governmental, non-profit organization helping children internationally. With affiliates in Germany, Norway and Sweden. The focus of the organization and affiliates is on children in Iran.

Children of Persia – USA – Non-governmental, non-profit organization that helps needy Iranian children and their families, regardless of their religious, political, or ethnic background. Provides health care, education, and related facilities that promote the well-being of children.

Darvag - The Centre for Children’s Literature – Sweden – Two Persian language publications, one for children and one for young adults.

Emdad Kudak Organization - Switzerland - Non-governmental organization that assists children (predominantly of Iranian origin) by providing food, medivcal aid, schoolong, vocational training, etc.

Javanan (National Organization for Young Adults) – Iran – Government organization created to address all matters related to young adults and to facilitate their empowerment.

Popli Khalatbari Charitable Foundation (PKCF) – UK – Foundation that supports the education and welfare of children and young persons who by reason of disablement, social and economic circumstances, have need of such provisions. The main focus of the organization and affiliates is on children in Iran.

Science and Art Foundation (SAF) – UK – Educational non-governmental charity that progress in education, communication, research and development based on information technology and the Internet in Iran. It has been successful in establishing computer labs with Internet connectivity at over one hundred model state schools, universities, orphanages and cultural institutions in deprived areas of Iran.

Society for Protecting the Rights of the Child – Iran – Non-governmental, non-profit organization that advocates and promotes the principles of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). With the help of its volunteer members, the Society strives to introduce, convey and promote these rights to the Iranian public in order to remove obstacles to the fulfilment of the CRC. The society seeks to take effective steps towards establishing a suitable basis for the improvement of the general living conditions and the physical, mental, emotional, and social growth of Iranian children. It is active in various areas including areas related to education, distribution of information, training, health care and consultative services for families and practical assistance for children injured as a result of natural disasters and difficult living conditions, street children, child labour and abused children.

Support Committee for Iran’s Street Children – Sweden – The committee’s main activities consist of gathering information about the tragic situation of street children in Iran and distributing this information to the public. The committee also collects financial donations and contributions.

Tavanyab (Organization for the Protection of Handicapped Children and Youth) – Iran – Non-governmental, non-profit organization, that aims to offer timely rehabilitation services to the children and young adults under 16 years. The therapy-center is located in Tehran. The mission of this organization is to correct the outlook of society toward the handicapped, to inform the general public of the capabilities of this group and to reduce the limitations and restrictions that they experience. It offers specialized services in the fields of occupational therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy and counselling.

UNICEF Iran – Iran – Non-governmental, non-profit organization working on policies and projects that benefit children all around the country. In addition, UNICEF is active in 12 districts in the provinces of Hormozgan, Sistan and Baluchistan and West Azerbaijan as well as in Bam.


Afghan Women’s Network (AWN) – Afghanistan – Non-partisan network of women and women’s NGOs working to empower Afghan women and ensure their equal participation in Afghan society. The members of the network also recognize the value and role of children as the future of Afghanistan and, as such, regard the empowerment and protection of children as fundamental to their work. The network seeks to enhance the effectiveness of its members by fostering partnership and collaboration between members, undertaking advocacy and lobbying, and building their individual capacities.

Association for Middle East Women's Studies (AMEWS) – USA – Organization of scholars and individuals with an interest in women of the Middle East. It is an affiliated organization of the Middle East Studies Association of North America (MESA). AMEWS organizes conference panels, and has co-sponsored symposia and an e-conference, Through its triennial publication, The Journal of Middle East Women's Studies (JMEWS) it advances the fields of Middle East women's studies, gender studies, and Middle East studies through contributions across disciplines in the social sciences and humanities.

Association for Women's Rights in Development (AWID) – Canada – International membership organization connecting, informing and mobilizing people and organizations committed to achieving gender equality, sustainable development and women's human rights. Its goal is to cause policy, institutional and individual change that will improve the lives of women and girls everywhere, which it does by facilitating ongoing debates on fundamental and provocative issues as well as by building the individual and organizational capacities of those working for women's empowerment and social justice.

Avay-e Zan – Sweden – Persian language quarterly women’s bulletin.

Bad Jens: Iranian Feminist – Iran – English language Iranian feminist online magazine mainly addressing readers outside Iran. Includes interviews with Iranian women and articles about women's life in Iran.

Bonovan – Iran – Persian language publication of Soroush Press about women issues.

Dokhtarak – News and views about women in Iran by young progressive Iranian journalists.

Center for Advancement of Women (CAWIRAN) – Iran – Non-governmental, non-profit organization that serves the needs of the rural women of Iran by providing education, skill-building, health and legal services as well as free access to resources and information. Aims to empower rural women and promote further participation in civil society.

Center for Women and Family Affairs – Iran – Governmental organization for the promotion of participation of women in society and other issues related to women and family matters.

Center for Women’s Studies / University of Tehran (CWS) – Iran – Academic center that fosters research and studies, sponsors workshops and seminars on women's issues. With its gender-specific mandate, the objective of the Center is to systematically conduct and support research on gender issues and family at the national and international levels. The Center also offers Women's Studies M.A. programs.

Communication Network for Women NGOs in Iran (CNWN) – Iran – Non-governmental, non-profit organization that enhances communications among NGOs in Iran whose field of activity relate to women issues.

Farzaneh – Iran – Bi-lingual Persian/English journal of women’s studies and research in Iran and Muslim countries. Published by the Institute for Women's Research and Studies (IWSR).

Focus of Iranian Women (Kanoon-e Zanan-e Irani) – Internet publication on issues related to women in Iran.

Hastiandish – Iran – Non-governmental, non-profit organization, with an aim of sensitizing the Iranian people and changing their attitude towards gender subjects, by means of empowerment and increasing awareness through education, research, advocacy and lobbying.

Homa Darabi Foundation – USA – Non-governmental, non-profit organization, created to counter fundamentalist tendencies within the various religious, cultural and social beliefs which result in the oppression or unequal treatment of women and girl-child in different parts of the globe.

Institute for Women's Research and Studies (IWSR) – Iran – Non-governmental, non-profit organization which conducts research and studies on women issues, women's rights, violence against women and other related fields, hold training courses, and advocates for women's rights in Iran.

International Campaign in Defence of Women’s Rights in Iran – Sweden – Website that aims to show the situation of women in Iran.

International Women's Tribune Center (IWTC) – USA – International non-governmental, non-profit organization established in l976 following the United Nations International Women's Year World Conference in Mexico City. With a commitment to empowering people and building communities, IWTC provides communication, information, education, and organizing support services to women's organizations and community groups working to improve the lives of women, particularly low-income women, in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean, Eastern Europe and Western Asia.

Iran Dokht – USA – English language website for and about Iranian women.

Iran Gohar – USA – Persian language women newsletter.

Iran Women News Agency (IWNA) – Iran – Official Iranian news agency dealing with women issues.

Iranian Feminists Tribune – Iran – Non-governmental, non-profit organization that works to raise consciousness among women about feminism through critique of issues concerning the lives of women as a social and public matter.

Iranian Women’s Network Association (Shabakeh) – Germany – Feminist website dedicated to Iranian women.

Iranian Women’s Organization of Ontario (IWOO) – Canada – Non-governmental, non-profit organization working towards a better life for Iranian women and their families.

Iranian Women's Studies Foundation (IWSF) – USA – Non-governmental, non-profit organization with no affiliation to any political or religious group or organization, that aims to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas on issues related to Iranian women, to disseminate information on Iranian women's achievements, and to establish a network of communication among communities of Iranian women the world over.

Iranian Women Study Group of San Diego – USA – Non-governmental, non-profit organization that provides education and support on gender issues affecting Iranian women in San Diego.

Mehr Foundation – Iran – Non-governmental, non-profit organization that aims to foster economic independence in women in Iran by providing them with the skills, education, and tools that enable them to generate an income. This is accomplished by giving loans for education as well as setting up small businesses, providing vocational training, conducting awareness enhancement programs, etc.

Muslim Women's League – USA – Working to implement the values of Islam and thereby reclaim the status of women as free, equal, and vital contributors to society.

National Committee of Women for a Democratic Iran (NCWDI) – USA – Non-governmental organization advocating on behalf of women’s rights in Iran. Formed to fill the vacuum of a women’s organization devoted specifically to monitoring and promoting women’s rights in Iran. Focuses on accurate reporting, public appearances, engaging in discussion and exchange with relevant authoritative bodies.

Non-governmental Organizations Training Center (NGOTC) – Iran – Non-governmental organization focusing on civil society and women issues.

Organisation for Women’s Liberation (OWL) (Azadi-ye Zan) – UK – Organization built in direct response to the growing women’s movement in Iran for equality and liberation. With co-ordinators in Sweden, Canada and sHolland.

Raahi – Iran – Women’s legal counselling center aimed to improve women’s lives in Iran.

Research Center on Women / Alzahra University – Iran – Research center active in presentation and completion of research projects relating to women, presenting seminars, sponsoring and supporting M.A dissertations which have some bearings on issues relating to women and their families.

Research Institute for Enhancing Women’s Lives (RIEWL) – Iran – Non-governmental gender-focused modern Iranian civil society organization (CSO) that has based its work on five components: research, education, workshops, publications and seminars. It does not offer any degree but provides women with information and advice on various mental, physical, sexual, reproductive health as well as life skills, women’s rights, reproductive rights, civil and citizenship rights.

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) – Pakistan – Social organization of Afghan women struggling for peace, freedom, democracy and women's rights in Afghanistan.

Salam Iran / Women’s Section – Canada – Section related to women issues on the ‘Salam Iran’ website, a website operated by the Iranian embassy in Ottawa (Canada).

Sedaye Zanan – Sweden – Women’s radio network, helping those Iranian women who are: subjected to violence or harassment, newcomers to Sweden and don't know enough about Swedish help and support organizations, young and feel oppressed by the atmosphere at home or school.

Women Information and Statistics Center (WISC) – Iran – Website of the Women’s Socio-Cultural Council (WSCC), a government affiliated institute established for major policy-making and planning in women’s cultural and social issues in Iran and to create the coordination necessary in these affairs.

Women in Iran – Iran – Website created the ‘Anjoman-e Hemayat-e Hoghough-e Zanan’, a non-governmental organization formed by Iranian women in Iran. The site provides news and information about Iranian women living in Iran.

Women Living Under Muslim Laws – UK – International solidarity network that provides information, support and a collective space for women whose lives are shaped, conditioned or governed by laws and customs said to derive from Islam.

Women of the Islamic Revolution of Iran Society (SWP) – Iran – Website about women and women issues in Iran. Affiliated with the Ministry of Interior.

Women’s Field (Meydaan-e Zanan) – Iran – Forum for Iranian feminists to campaign against gender inequality and challenge different aspects of discrimination.

Women’s Research and Studies Center – Iran – Education and research organization focusing on all matters related to women in Iran.

Women’s Socio-Cultural Council (WSCC) – Iran – Government affiliated institute established for major policy-making and planning in women’s cultural and social issues and to create the coordination necessary in these affairs.

Yazd Woman – Iran – Website dedicated to women issues in Yazd.

Zanan – Iran - Journal dedicated to Iranian women.

Zanan-e Iran – Iran – Website dedicated to women in Iran.

Zan e Emrooz – USA – Iranian women's magazine.

Zanestan – Internet publication about Iranian women.

Zoroastrian Women’s International Network (ZWIN) – USA – Forum to globally link intergenerational Zoroastrian women, to empower them to reach their full potential, and to actively work towards promoting the exchange of ideas in all relevant socials, educational and community issues.


Aftab Society – Iran – Non-governmental, non-profit organization focusing on education and prevention, treatment and social acceptance, and support of families of drug addicts. It operates through numerous offices throughout Iran.

Iranian Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine Research Center (IIDRC) – Iran – Affiliated with the Isfahan University of Medical Sciences. Strives to improve research and find solutions for treatment of infectious and tropical diseases in Iran.

Iranian Research Center for HIV/AIDS (IRCHA) – Iran – Affiliated body of Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS) established to coordinate the diverse AIDS research and clinical activities in Iran. Promotes scientific exchange within the academic community and the industrial sector. Strives to halt the spread of HIV and AIDS, through cutting edge research, innovative clinical trials and public education.

Mehr Institute – Iran – Infertility clinic in Rasht which also provides other related services.

Planned Parenthood Federation of the Islamic Republic of Iran – Iran – Iranian chapter of the International Planned Parenthood Federation. Focuses on issues of birth control, hygiene and health.

Royan Institute – Iran – Research Center in Tehran focusing on various field of medicine including reproductive biomedicine. Publishes a bulletin on infertility and a professional journal on cellular science and infertility.

Yazd Research and Clinical Center for Infertility – Iran – IVF Centre for the treatment of infertile couples. The centre was designed to provide the necessary services for expanding knowledge and treatment infertile patients.